With the help of a patented procedure, SeaCell™ succeeded in incorporating seaweed with the valuable substances of the ocean permanently into a cellulose fiber. The SeaCell™ fibers contain finely ground brown seaweed (ascophyllum nodosum) from the pristine ecosystem of the Icelandic fjords. They are particularly rich in vital substances such as minerals and trace elements. Thus the seaweed has a skin protective and caring effect and protects from premature ageing of the skin.

Functional fiber with highest quality

The seaweed in SeaCell™ with its skin caring substances is solidly integrated into the fiber. The vital substances of seaweed are released by the natural skin moisture while wearing the garment. The result is a unique feelgood effect. This effect will remain consistent in the cellulose fiber even after several washing cycles. Quality is an ace up SeaCell™’s sleeve: The fiber is certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1, approved for baby products and has been tested by several independent institutes regarding its skin friendliness.

The production of the SeaCell™-fibers is characterized by high environmental standards and sustainable economic activity. SeaCell™ is made of biogenic raw materials, which are environmentally friendly, resource-conserving and 100 % biodegradable. The seaweed in SeaCell™ is harvested in the cold and pure fjords of Iceland. Those offer pristine nature and are a paradise for animals. The fjords are barely populated. No wastewater and no ships pollute this naturally pure ecosystem. The SeaCell™-seaweed is harvested in a gentle way. Thus, only every 4 years a certain section above the regenerative region of the seaweed gets cropped to enable new sprouting. The seaweed is completely untreated and its biological value is obtained. After the harvest, they get gently dried and then roughly shredded.